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Looking for inexpensive or free things to do in the Denver/Boulder area? Want to sample local stores, restaurants, & attractions without breaking the bank? Mile High Cheapskates
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32 Free & Cheap Things To Do in Denver This Weekend

DenverSkylineIf you’re looking for frugal fun this weekend, you’ve come to the right place. Mile High On The Cheap is the answer for Coloradans who want to live large for less. And our community has it all “on the cheap” — entertainment, concerts, festivals, movies, workshops, tours, sporting events and more. Let us do the work for you! To keep up with the latest deals, discounts and FREE events in the Denver/Boulder area, sign-up for our daily e-newsletter. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. (If you know of any upcoming weekend events, send them to info@milehighonthecheap.com.) Here are our top picks for FREE and cheap things to do this weekend:

Friday, March 27

Saturday, March 28

Sunday, March 29


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11 comments on “32 Free & Cheap Things To Do in Denver This Weekend

  1. Ava on said:

    I’ve told several people about your site recently. I used to be signed up a couple of years ago, but somehow I stopped getting emails and forgot about it. Then I stumbled across it again and promptly signed up. Thanks to it, last week I: volunteered at City Park, volunteered at the Horror Film fest, and went to the designer sample giveaway event in Aurora. I can’t wait to read what’s on there every day!

  2. Desi on said:

    THANK YOU!! You all are absolutley AMAZING!!!

  3. Cara Reardon on said:

    Great site! Love the idea of the calendar.

  4. Sunnie on said:

    Thanks, this is a great list!

  5. Moving to Denver next month, will def be utilizing your great site! Thank you!

  6. I’m not sure there is a better website on the entire net…yeah the entire net !! I said it. I’ve said it before but its never enough. Thanks everyone there for all you do.

  7. Scott – We love you right back! Thank you for being such a loyal reader. Tell everyone you know about the “values” of MHOTC. :-) – BKC

  8. Keiry N Saenz on said:

    Absolutely LOVE this website! !

  9. Love ideas for a family’s

  10. Judy Bata on said:

    Do you know if any ‘discount’ websites were offering discounted tickets to the Denver Art Museum’s Brilliant exhibit? Thank you. Judy Bata

  11. Judy, we haven’t seen any on Groupon or LivingSocial or similar. I think that is because the Art Museum is doing so well with ticket sales that they don’t have to give any discounts. — Laura

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