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Safeway $5 Friday: What’s On Sale?

Today, Friday, October 24, Safeway is offering many items for $5 each or less. This week’s best bargains include: Planters peanuts for $1.67 (16-oz.), P.F. Chang’s or Birds Eye Voila! meal (22- to 42-oz.), Nabisco toasted chips for $1.67 (4.5- to 8.1-oz.), pumpkin cake (8-inch), General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios for $1.67 (12.25-oz.), Oscar Mayer Lunchables basic for $1 (2.25- to 4.4-oz.), wild-caught Alaskan cod fillets (per pound), Lucerne cheese for $2.50 (8-oz.), Safeway SELECT pasta sauce or salsa for $1.67 (15- to 24-oz.), Breyers varieties ice cream for $2.50 (1.5-qt.), O Organics salad blend (16-oz.), Nature Valley chewy granola bars for $1.67 (6.7- to 7.44-oz.), Safeway Home laundry detergent (100-oz.), Charmin bath tissue (12-double roll), Thomas’ English muffins for $2.50 (12- to 13-oz.), Tootsie Child’s Play candy (3.5-lb.), Candy Carnival candy (44-oz.), rose bouquet (8-stem), Snapple tea (6-pack, 16-oz. bottles), Bounty Basic paper towels (8-roll), Betty Crocker fruit shapes for $1.67 (4.5- to 8-oz.) and Jif peanut butter (40-oz.) The savings require a Safeway Club Card. For a complete listing of the $5 sale items, review its weekly specials site or pick up a circular in the store. MHOTC Tip: Use manufacturer’s coupons on top of sale prices for maximum savings. Plus, when you find a good deal on one of your household staples, stock up. You’ll save money down the road.

4 comments on “Safeway $5 Friday: What’s On Sale?

  1. Debra Rincon Lopez on said:

    What happened to using the $5 dollar Friday Prices All Weekend, Is this still an Option. I am a frequent SAFEWAY Shopper at the:122nd & Powell Blvd. Portland Oregon 97236 store. Let me know ASAP if this is STILL AVAILABLE. Thanks for your Consideration.

  2. Bryan on said:

    Debra – As far as we know, Safeway stopped extending the promo all weekend long more than a year ago. However, you would need to contact Safeway directly for more details. (We are not associated or affiliated with Safeway. We’re simply sharing what we think are the best deals each week.) Thank you for reading MHOTC!

  3. Barbara Jean on said:

    I don’t get the Safeway flying in the mail. It was convenient for me. I don’t havetime to look up your sales on line. So there for i go else where like Albertson’s. They never fail to send me a flyer in the mail

  4. you can get a 50 cent coupon at nature valley.com it will double to a dollar..and you can get granola bars for .67 cents..

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