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Safeway $5 Friday: What’s On Sale?

The popular sale is back…at least, for two days. The sale also runs on Saturday, May 21. (BONUS: Buy three of any of the sale items and get 5x gas rewards points.) Today, Friday, May 20Safeway is offering the following bargains for $5 each or less: Nestlé Coffee-mate creamer (64-oz.); Starbucks iced coffee (40- to 48-oz.); focaccia bread for $2.50 (16-oz.); mini watermelon for $2.50 (personal size, limit 2); Planters peanuts for $2.50 (16-oz.); large raw shrimp (per pound); Signature Kitchens pork baby back ribs (16-oz.); Frito Lay variety pack (20-ct., limit 2); Red Vines licorice (64-oz., limit 2); Planters nuts & chocolate trail mix (19-oz., limit 2); Blue Diamond Almond Breeze for $2.50 (64-oz.); Stagg chili with beans for $1.25 (15-oz., limit 4); mom to mom jumbo pack diapers (23- to 50-ct., limit 4); Kraft macaroni & cheese dinner shapes for $1 (5.5- to 6-oz., limit 5); Country Time, Kool-Aid or Tang drink mix for $2.50 (18.3- to 20-oz.); Signature Café chicken tenders (per pound); Stacy’s pita chips (18-oz.); white or crimini mushrooms (24-oz., sliced or whole); Maxwell House or Yuban coffee (28- to 31-oz., limit 4) and Sun laundry detergent (188-oz.) or Snuggle fabric softener (150-oz.) — limit 4 total. All of the prices require your Safeway Club Card. There are too many items to list here, so pick up its weekly circular in-store for a complete review of  all the items included in the sale. Plus, its limits vary by item or group of items. (If you ask us, it’s a little complicated — just keep the limit policy simple and straightforward.) MHOTC Tip: Use manufacturer’s coupons on top of sale prices for maximum savings. Plus, when you find a good deal on a household staple, stock up. You’ll save money down the road.

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