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Regal Cinemas: $6 Economy Ticket

Did you know Regal Cinemas offers an economy ticket? The deal is rarely (if ever) advertised, so it’s somewhat of an insider’s secret. Economy tickets are just $6 — compared to $10.50 for an adult evening admission. (Note: You must be a member of its Regal Crown Club to receive the economy price. Otherwise, it’s $7 per ticket.) The deal is only good before 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday (except major holidays.) Plus, the films must have been in release for at least 10 days, so no new releases. Note: IMAX and RPX showings are excluded. (However, you can upgrade an economy ticket for 3-D films at an additional cost of $3.50 — making the final total $9.50.) For added savings, Regal Crown Club members get a “$2 Featured Candy” on Mondays and a “$2 Small Popcorn” on Tuesdays. Economy Tickets are available at participating Regal Cinemas in the Denver Metro area.

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