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Who Has The “Cheapest” Mother’s Day Roses?

Mother’s Day is this weekend on Sunday, May 11 (as if you didn’t know, right?) and we’ve done some of the work for you…at least, when it comes to shopping for roses. Here’s what we found: Costco - $16.99 for two dozen (membership required); Target - $14.99 a dozen; Walgreens$14.99 a dozen; Safeway$9.99 a dozen; King Soopers$12.99 a dozen or $18.88 for two dozen; Wal-Mart - $9.87 a dozen; Whole Foods – $10 a dozen; Albertsons$8.88 a dozen; and Sprouts Farmers Market - $8.99 a dozen. For the best selection, you should shop early and not wait until the last-minute. By far, we thought the best roses for the price were at Costco. Plus, be sure to keep them as recommended, so that you don’t hand over half-wilted flowers. Prices may vary by location. We hope your Mother’s Day is rosy!

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