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Free Large Refills at AMC Theatres & Regal Cinemas

Don’t be so quick to toss your empty popcorn bucket! Did you know AMC Theatres and Regal Cinemas offer a FREE refill (during the same visit) on a large popcorn? It’s a smart move for budget-conscious families or friends. Why pay for 2 or 3 small popcorns, when you can share one for less money? We’ve even witnessed some super-prepared parents bring lunch bags, fill them up first thing for each of the kids and then head right back to the concession stand for the FREE refill for themselves. The offer also includes a FREE refill on large sodas, but sharing is bit more complicated. (Although, there’s no rule that says you can’t take in an empty water bottle.) MHOTC Tip: You can always refill your bucket after the movie and take some popcorn home for a special treat later. A quick warm-up in the microwave and it’s just like being at the movies again!

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